After a series of editions in Abuja, the European Film Festival will hold in Lagos from October 4 to 8, 2012.

Cinephiles and film professionals have a feast of 17 films from 13 countries over a five-day period at Freedom Park, which is fast becoming a preferred location for public film screenings.


The screenings start from 4pm daily and at 12noon on Saturday and Sunday. Amongst the films scheduled to show during the festival are Orient Express (Romania), Albert Schweitzer: Anatomy of a Saint (Austria), Inside I’m Dancing (Ireland), Chico & Rita (Spain), Montevideo God Bless You (Serbia), Je Vous Trouve Très Beau (France), Letters To Santa (Poland),  Cento Chiodi (Italy), The Dinner Club (Netherlands) and Let The Right One Come In (Sweden).

So, if you’ve dreamed of visiting Europe but are too broke to make that happen, check out the continent through a cinematic lens. And yes, it’s FREE!