Steppes in Sync

When James Cameron’s Avatar opened in Lagos a couple of years ago,
there was no single 3D screen in the Nigerian film capital. Nor anywhere
else in the country. Fast forward to 2012 and there is at least one 3D
movie showing every week at theatres around the metropolis. Not only
did Mr Cameron’s mega-hit break BO records around the world, its
novelty and commercial success influenced a flood of similar films
from almost every director with a big-enough budget.

But the frenzy would not last forever and as many media reports from
the US state these days, the lure of 3D films is fast fading at least locally.
3D’s steady rise continues in the international market though. Probably
realising such opportunities outside his home country, Mr Cameron
chose to pitch his franchise in China as news reports show.

Would similar opportunities (the lure of lucre plus…

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