Regarding Nigerian film and international collaborations, here’s some interesting news from Ukraine …

Steppes in Sync

by Andy Kozlov

We mentioned earlier that some Nigerians studying here say that Ukraine is not Europe and they dream of packing up the moment they get the diploma and leave in the  direction West.  (See Steppes In Figures #5: Ukraine and the world) They may be right, but the situation is different when it comes to making movies, ladies and gentlemen.

Last October, the first Nollywood film was co-produced in Ukraine. The producers market it as “The first Nigerian production in Europe.” I have no way to confirm it, but quality-wise the production called Feathered Dreams does not take a back seat to your average Western production. (See We used to be glued to telenovellas: Ukrainian coproducer of a Nollywood flick thinks there is no way African films will be popular with the Post-Soviet viewerAfriwood to participate in 2012 Ukrainian Content Market and 

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